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Presenters: Bev Churchill and Lisa Alexander

“Family Violence”, Domestic Violence”, “Intimate Partner Violence” – Whatever it may be called in your province, violence exists for our clients and can and does have significant impacts for our clients and their families. Screening for power and control dynamics is critical in the practice of family law, including collaborative family law/practice, as well as other consensual dispute resolution processes!

This 1.5 hour presentation, reviews and discusses screening for power and control dynamics. Topics include:

  • a working definition of family violence
  • the purpose of screening in collaborative practice and other consensual dispute resolution processes
  • identification, assessment and management of family violence
  • power dynamics and sources of power
  • process for risk assessment, including power and control

Law Society CPD Hours to date:

  • British Columbia: 1.5 hrs. toward ADR hours for family violence
  • Saskatchewan: 1.5 ethics hours
  • Manitoba: 1.5 hrs. professional development
  • Ontario: 1 hr. professionalism, .5 hr. EDI