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Attachment Informed Collaborative Process

Tue May 23 2023

This 1.5 hour presentation by Yuval Berger MSW, RSW provides an understanding of how attachment theory can be used to predict and explain a couple's behaviour during separation.  In addition, it focuses on how this theory can be applied to better plan your collaborative files; adjusting the level of support, the pace, as well as how to deal with potential challenges that may arise.

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Personality and Conflict

Thu Mar 09 2023

Presenter Anu Osborne introduces participants to the Enneagram, a dynamic and practical system that is highly accurate and a cross-cultural predicator of human behaviour and interation.  It is used as an assessment and conflict management tool in business, mediation and conflict resolution.

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Dealing with Power Imbalances and Alignment

Mon Jan 23 2023

Ontario trainers Annette Katchaluba, Trish Bidgood and Debbie Hoffman introduce the topic of using team to navigate mental health, IPV, bias, high conflict personalities and alignment (including what to do when you don't have a full team).

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Pros and Cons of ‘Collaborative Mediation’

Tue Nov 22 2022

In establishing a ‘brand recognition’ for Collaborative Practice, as distinct from other forms of consensual dispute resolution, have we limited the number of clients who can afford to take advantage of an interdisciplinary collaborative process?  Stephen H. Sulmeyer, J.D., Ph.D., a lawyer, mediator and clinical psychologist in San Francisco provides an in-depth look at the pros and cons of bringing solo and interdisciplinary co-mediation under the Collaborative tent. What might ‘Collaborative Mediation’ look like? Does this dilute the Collaborative brand? Can we market traditional CP and mediation within the same practice groups


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2022 Cross Country Check-Up

Wed Oct 12 2022

Jacinta Gallant (PE), our own East Coast version of Rex Murphy, moderates another interdisciplinary panel of CP Professionals from across Canada sharing what’s happening in their regions. Panel Members: Rhona Buchan (NL); Carolle Tremblay QC); Caroline Felstiner, Linda Cartier, Jill Anderson (ON); Daniel Bernard (MB); Charmaine Panko (SK); Wendy Phillips-Berard (AB); Debbie Hoffman (YT); and Stephanie Allouche, Suzanne Williams (BC).

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Developing Cultural Intelligence for Collaboration

Fri Jun 24 2022

Presenters Anu Osborne and Vanita Bellen help us understand why, as multi-culturalism and diversity in families increases, collaborative practitioners must become culturally competent to serve the interests of their clients. A first step to increasing cultural competence is awareness. Learn the essential components of cultural awareness, which require including the intelligences of your head, heart and body. This will enhance your ability to collaborate more effectively and be more consciously inclusive.  See event resources below.


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Family Law Supervision

Wed Mar 09 2022

Presenters Gillian Bishop, family lawyer, and Chris Mills, psychotherapist, practice in the UK and are highly acclaimed trainers in Reflective Supervision. Until recently, this essential support for professionals in many care and social support settings was entirely missing from the field of family law. CP Canada was fortunate to be able to have them introduce their supervision model to a Canadian audience for the first time, and including a live demonstration.

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Indigenous Culture and Communities

Tue Feb 01 2022

Presenter Julie Daum is a mediator, facilitator, confilct resolution coach and instructor. She is a member of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation, belongs to the Frog Clan, and resides on the Stellaquo Reserve in the central interior of B.C.This professional development program was originally presented live on February 1, 2022.

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The ‘Gray Divorce’ from a Collaborative Perspective

Tue Nov 23 2021

Dr. Carol Hughes, PhD, LMFT and Bruce R. Fredenburg, LMFT are both experienced Collaborative Family Professionals practising in California. Between them, they have assisted hundreds of divorcing families. They are also co-authors of the book:  “Home Will Never Be The Same Again: A Guide for Adult Children of Gray Divorce”. Learn from their experiences as Collaborative professionals dealing with “Gray Divorce”. 

For the hand-outs referred to in this presentation, see the Resources below.


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Views of the Child & the New Divorce Act: A Discussion

Wed Sep 29 2021

Sections 7.1 and 16 of the Divorce Act impose new requirements to consider the best interests of the child, including the “child’s views and preferences, …unless they cannot be ascertained”. 

In this presentation, Bev Churchill, Collaborative lawyer, and Abby Petterson, Child Specialist, lead a discussion of various options to obtain these “views and preferences” considering the benefits and potential consequences.

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Working in a Two Coach Model

Thu May 20 2021

Presenter: Yuval Berger

An experienced trainer, child specialist and divorce coach in Vancouver. Learn about how a two-coach model supports families using a collaborative approach.

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Working with Neutrals

Thu Mar 11 2021

Presenters: Laurie Stein (Family Professional) and Alison Anderson (Financial Professional) are experienced trainers with a wealth of information and insights to share from their years of working on Collaborative Practice teams in Ontario.

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CP Canada’s ‘Cross Country Check-up’

Tue Jan 19 2021

Presenters: Jacinta Gallant (PEI), Mary Eileen O’Brien (NB), Martha Shea (QB), Laurie Stein (ON), Greg Evans (MB), Audrey Gordon (SK), Renee LeNobel and Abby Pettererson (BC).

Jacinta Gallant, providing our own East Coast version of Rex Murphy, hosted this interdisciplinary panel of CP Professionals from across Canada on January 19, 2021. Panelists and attendees shared what’s happening in their regions – including membership requirements, how interdisciplinary teams are working, and group initiatives, as well as some common challenges experienced by CP Groups. This 1.5 hour lively discussion will bring you up-to-date on what’s happening in Collaborative Practice across the country

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Cultivating Curiosity and Bringing Insight to Our Work

Tue Oct 27 2020

Presenter: Jacinta Gallant

In collaborative practice, we have to manage the legal, financial and deeply emotional aspects of separation in order to help our clients reach an agreement that deals with what matters, and what works.

Our clients are often strongly defensive and feel challenged in ways that threaten their very identities. Their behaviour can seem demanding and “unreasonable”. When we try to help them see things from a different perspective, or use active listening to acknowledge their strong feelings, it is sometimes not enough to calm the conflict. What the heck is going on and how can we help?!

In this 1.5 hour* workshop you will be introduced to the Insight Approach to Conflict and learn how curiosity enhances our ability to defuse conflict, and encourages our clients to discover and focus on what matters. It is available to CP Canada members.

* This workshop has received credit from the BC Law Society for 1.5 CPD and ADR hours.

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Assessing and Addressing Domestic Violence in CP Files

Sat Dec 26 2020

Presenters: Bev Churchill and Lisa Alexander

“Family Violence”, Domestic Violence”, “Intimate Partner Violence” – Whatever it may be called in your province, violence exists for our clients and can and does have significant impacts for our clients and their families. Screening for power and control dynamics is critical in the practice of family law, including collaborative family law/practice, as well as other consensual dispute resolution processes!

This 1.5 hour presentation, reviews and discusses screening for power and control dynamics. Topics include:

  • a working definition of family violence
  • the purpose of screening in collaborative practice and other consensual dispute resolution processes
  • identification, assessment and management of family violence
  • power dynamics and sources of power
  • process for risk assessment, including power and control

Law Society CPD Hours to date:

  • British Columbia: 1.5 hrs. toward ADR hours for family violence
  • Saskatchewan: 1.5 ethics hours
  • Manitoba: 1.5 hrs. professional development
  • Ontario: 1 hr. professionalism, .5 hr. EDI